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Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations through personalised service by completely integrating ourselves with their business. Ultimately we strive to simply and effectively promote our clients in the best and most effective way possible.


We offer the following services to promote our clients and manage their reputation in the marketplace by working closely with preferred suppliers to offer a one-stop shop for all our clients’ communication needs:



We use a holistic approach to public relations and reputation management, which includes but goes beyond just distributing the traditional press release. We strive to tailor-make stories and news for our media contacts that are relevant and target-market specific for the sake of our clients. Our relationships with the media locally and nationally are important to us and so is identifying ways to get maximum attention using minimal resources.


Branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical. Marketing may contribute to a brand, but the brand is bigger than any particular marketing effort. Marketing unearths and activates buyers. Branding makes loyal customers, advocates, even evangelists, out of those who buy. Both are integral to determining a company’s overall vision and the extent of their success.



Crisis Management and communication is hinged on providing a strategic approach to corresponding with people and organizations during a disruptive event. When a crisis occurs, proactive, quick and detailed communication is critical. Every business should have an emergency communication plan that documents the protocol for distributing information during a time of intense difficulty or danger.

Because a business’ reputation is at stake when it faces a crisis, it’s important to impart information to the public to ease concerns and counter false information; as well as placating and providing peace of mind to uneasy employees and stakeholders through internal communication initiatives. Sound and effective crisis communication could be the difference between a company being viewed as zero or hero.


More and more people are using social media to increase their online presence and an important part of a company’s marketing mix. But coming up with interesting and engaging social media content can be time consuming. We excel at creating outstanding and topical social media content that is relevant to the brand and the end user.

We work closely with some of the top social media and digital agencies in the country in providing them with sound strategy and relevant content that will get the cut-through and engagement our clients need in an already ‘noisy’ and cluttered space.



Communicating and motivating your staff and suppliers is as important as external communication efforts to increase a business’s bottom line. Internal communication engages internal stakeholders such as managers, employees, trade unions etc. using on-going strategic communications, or a significant public relations project, to promote corporate objectives, whether in the public or the private sector. This can range from digital newsletters to fully-fledged campaigns rolled out internally and incorporating printed and digital elements to effectively communicate to the intended company’s audience.



Copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogues, and more. This text is known as “copy” and our writers are equipped with the necessary skillset to turn drab content into an inspiring marketing tool. We are also able to combine this important skillset with the visual component that results in amazing and effective creative work for media and advertising. However, we don’t just stop there. Marketing experts must do more than just place expensive media buys for amazing creative. They must have a hand in the ad’s placement from unit purchasing to proofing the final result. And of course you’ll want your marketing team to come to your defense against the venue if an ad is inappropriately handled in any context—and prevent future mishaps. The type of medium you choose for your advertisements is important, but placement can make the difference between the success and failure of an ad.

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